Friday, June 29, 2012

Mango Madness

      Yes, another Tribal-esque nail design. I love love love tribal patterns because you could really do any combination of shapes and it will probably turn out nice.

      This beautiful orange is Mango from Kleancolor. The yellow in the designs is Mellow yellow from Essence. I used a my second shortest srtiper brush to do the pattern design.

      I used a picture that I found on Google for reference but now I cant find it. :(

Anyway, expect more tribal designs from me because I love them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


       Hey guys! I have been eying those tiny square studs for quite some time now. I finally caved and bought some and I'm so happy that I did.

      Studs are a huge trend right now on everything from shorts, shirts, and even nails! I made a pretty big purchase from about two weeks ago and made sure to buy some square studs along with a ton of other stuff. I'll definitely be making a post about all of the goodies I got very soon.

      Along with the studs, I also got some gold leaf/nugget foily stuff.

     To do these nails, I polished all of my nails black. I used Essence Black is Back. I took some of the gold nugget stuff and crumpled it up using an orange wood stick and the end of a nail brush. It's super delicate and light so it was really easy to rip apart, but you have to be careful not to breath or blow in the wrong direction because it could go flying everywhere. I learned that the hard way.

       I did a thin coat of a clear polish that I had and, with a stick, I picked up some of the gold nugget and just pressed it onto my nail where I wanted it. I wanted it to be like a gradient, so I tried to concentrate the gold more near the tip.
      Then, I just put the studs where I wanted them, added a coat of top coat and I was done.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glitter! Flowers!

       Another dried flower gradient. I really love doing these and the yellow looks awesome with this polish color.

      For this I used Essence You Belong To Me. This is my favorite blue that I own. I actually bought a backup because I'm so afraid that I'll run out of this! The glitter is MAC 3D silver with one coat of spectra flair top coat. The flowers are just yellow dried flowers that I got from Sally Beauty Supply, but I'm sure they are sold on eBay and Amazon for much cheaper.

Play Day

     Hey guys! Long time no post. Sorry about that! Here's MAC Play Day, it came out a few months go with the Vera collection. I really love this color, but like many of the polishes MAC has, the formula is just not right. It's kinda thick but takes a lot of coats to get the color to look solid on your nails. I'm not a fan of nail lines showing through my polish so for this I used four coats.
     My accent finger is gold metal beads that I got on ebay. If you couldn't tell already, I really love using these. I tried to put them in a polka dot kind of arrangement, but next time I'll use less and try to spread them out more. I put them too close together and it was really hard get the top coat on.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sexy Serpent

I've wanted to try doing some snakeskin nails for a while now, but I honestly never imagined they would come out this good on the first try. I was just going to play around with some lace from some old clothes and I thought that I'd just end up taking it off. Now I really wish I would've taken pictures so I could post a tutorial. 

       For this I used
  • Essie Blanc
  • Essie Sew Psyched
  • Essie As Gold As It Gets
  • Essence Nude It!
  • Essence High Spirits
  • Essence Black is Black
  • Essence Gold Rush
  • Kleancolor Cappuccino
  • Fresh Paint Oatmeal
  • China Glaze Luxe and Lush
 I tried to stay with more earthy nudes and greens and brown shades.

What You Need

  • A small piece of Mesh/Lace      
  • A Sponge
  • Small brush

Here's how I did it

  1. I started with one thick coat of white on all of my nails and let it dry completely.
  2. Take the lace and lay it on the nail. Try not to move it while dabbing the colors.
  3. With some tweezers and a small chunk of makeup sponge and started dabbing the lightest nude color I am using.
  4. With a brown or darker nude color I tried to make some lines or diamonds with a small brush that resembled patterns on a snake.
  5. Now I took the greens I had and randomly dabbed them in the more empty spaces. 
  6. Just before I took off the lace, I took a tiny amount of black on my brush and went over the parts with the brown to make them stick out more.
  7. Now, slowly pull the lace upwards. It might stick just a little bit but that's okay, I just slightly pushed it back down with my finger.
  8. I took a sheer champagne color and dabbed a small amount around the nail not covering it all the way. This is optional.
  9. I then took As Gold As It Gets and did a coat of that and then a coat of Luxe and Lush. It gives it a scaly and almost wet look.
  10. Two coats of top coat and you're done!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

 For this I used
  • OPI Yoga Ta Get This Blue
  • Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat    
  •  Kleancolor Silver Star

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Knot-ty Nauticals

      Well I guess I forgot to make a post about these nails. I'm not even sure how that slipped my mind. It was probably because I took a short trip to New Jersey with a couple of family members about a week ago. 

      If you know me, you know I love anchors and all things nautical themed. I love love love nautical themed nails and I've done some before, but these have to be my favorite I've ever done.

      Anyway, For this I used OPI - Red Hot Gift For the red, and Essence - Walk On Air for the blue, and of course Essie - Blanc as the white. I used an angled nail brush to do the stripes and designs. I got a chance to use my new nail beads/balls! I'm not really sure what they're called but I'd rather say beads than balls. I got these on ebay for super cheap and the little nail wheel that they came in has both gold and silver tiny, metal beads. They are a nice addition to my nail art accessory collection and I'd recommend buying them. They make it really easy to make add a cute accent to a simple or extravagant nail, and they are pretty cheap on ebay.

I also wanted to add that I made a Pinterest account where I will also be posting all of my nail art along with Tumblr, Beautylish and Instagram.

Monday, June 4, 2012

How I Do My Border Nails

Hi guys! So I've been seeing a lot of Border/Frame/Outline nails lately and I love this trend! The first time I did this, I painted the border around my nail last. You probably thought that that was the easiest way to do this trend, but I've found a way that works much better, and is much easier, for me anyway. 

 All you need for this is two nail colors and a white

I used:

Sinful Colors Neon Melon

Kleancolor Concrete Gray

Essie Blanc

Here's how I did it

 Step 1. So I started with a nail strengthener and a sticky base coat like always. Then, Put a coat or two of the color you want as the border.

Step 2. Now, take the nail color you want in the middle. Move your nail polish brush in the motion that the arrows go in the picture. Start with it at the bottom like you would normally paint your nails, but leave your border color showing at the bottom. Move the polish brush in a curved motion and pick the brush up just before it reaches the tip of your nail. If you mess up, don't worry! It's an easy clean up!

Step 3. Clean up and Fix up. I had some mistakes that I needed to fix, so I took a white nail polish and went over the gray to erase it. When the white was dry, I just took the color I used for my border and went over it. Then, you can just clean up any messy edges, or clean up polish you got on your fingers.

Now just add your favorite top coat and show off your awesome nails!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flower Power

           Hey everyone! I hope you had an awesome week! Here are some nails I did using some dried flowers that I got from Sally Beauty Supply forever ago and totally forgot about until the other day we I thought "A dried flower gradient would be awesome!!" 


          The jade color I used is Illamasqua Nomad. I am loving this color so hard right now. Its not a green or a blue. It's the perfect in-between. So to do this I just crushed up the little dried flowers and stuck them on. I know that's really all I did! Super simple. Then, I added two coats of top coat because I didn't want it to feel extra bumpy.

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