Monday, October 29, 2012

Matte Webs

    This will probably be my last mani for Halloween 2012. I planned to do more, but to be completely honest, I'm so over Halloween nails haha. Anyway, I wanted to do some simple spiderwebs but my last nails were matte so I wanted matte again.

    This is two coats of Call It A 'treuse from Serum No 5 over one coat of OPI Did It On 'Em with a white spiderweb and Butter London Matte top coat

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flesh and Blood

    Yay! More Halloween themed nails! So, I know just about everyone has done the blood nails, but I really love doing drip style nails so here are mine! This is also my first time trying matte/shiny nails. The blood is shiny and the "flesh" is matte.

   I tried to do the splatter nails with the straw... that did not work out. Haha That ended in one big bloody mess. 

    For this I used The Skinner from Black Cat Lacquer for the "Flesh" and Pillar Box Red from Butter London for my "Blood"  The cartoony shininess accents  were done with white acrylic paint. The matte top coat that I used was the Butter London matte.

   To do this, I used two coats of The Skinner and then one coat of matte top coat. Then I went back and drew on my blood drips and finished those with top coat only on the drips. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mermaid Lagoon from Funky Fingers

     I'm not sure how many of you guys live near a FiveBelow but, if you do, you need to get there right now and check to see if they have any bottles of this magical nail polish left. If you've never heard of it before, FiveBelow is kind of like a dollar store, but everything is priced at $5 or lower.

    The ones near my house always have Funky Fingers brand nail polish (I think this brand is only sold at FiveBelow) and they are always $2 each of 3 for $5 and if you've seen them, you know why I always buy 3.
     This one is called Mermaid Lagoon and it had to be mine. It's a glitter nail polish that consists of teal colored micro glitter, along with purple medium sized circles, and large silver hexes. It's super sparkly and it reminds me of the illustrations in the book "The Rainbow Fish"

A+    This nail polish is a new favorite for me, I did use about three coats in these pictures but I probably needed four.

If you do go to Fivebelow and they have this, do yourself a favor and buy Sand and Stilettos too. It's an amazing glitter that is a really close dupe to Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Howling Wolf and The Moon aka My favorite Halloween nails ever

     Hi guys! I am super excited to share this because I am really proud of how this turned out. I got the idea a couple of days ago to do some sort of wolf themed Halloween nail art, but I wanted it to have a cool wolf silhouette over the moon. If you couldn't tell, all of my nails are supposed to look like the moon and my ring finger is the howling wolf.

    To do this I did two coats of an off-white nail color and let that dry almost completely. Then I got two gray colors, a darker and a lighter, and I painted some of that onto a piece of balled up saran wrap and then alternated between dabbing the dark and light grays onto my nails. I tried to concentrate the gray into some spots. If you look at a picture of the moon, you will see why I did that.

    Then, I did one coat of Serum No. 5 DayGlow to get a yellowish hue and the glow in the dark effect.

   The wolf silhouette was done using black acrylic paint and a detail brush. It wasn't easy, I had to do this twice... -.-'

    The first picture was taken using the normal settings I use with my camera, Macro and Flash
    The second was using a night setting, with macro in semi dark with no flash
    The last picture was taken in complete darkness using the same night setting.

The colors I used for these nails:

A franken off-white made with Essie Blanc and CND Marshmallow Rose

The two gray colors are China Glaze Recycle and Zoya Dove

The Glow in the dark color is DayGlow from Serum No. 5

and acrylic paint was used for the wolf

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Forest Lights from Serum No. 5

     This is one coat of Serum No. 5 Forest Lights over two coats of China Glaze Agro. I looooooove Forest Lights so much! It's a sheer green with all kinds of different glitters from tiny white squares to big green hexagons! This color could be worn on its own, but I chose to layer it over a dark foresty green. This could probably look awesome over black or blue too.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Them Bones

      This is Them Bones from Pretty and Polished, It's a black jelly with white hexagon and bar gliter made to look like bones in the ground. The moment I saw the swatch of this I knew I had to have it! I am so glad I got it because this polish is awesome and totally my style.

    This is three coats, but I'm sure it would look just as good over one coat of a regular black.


This was really hard to photograph, but here is a close up

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


   I did some lightning and now Bohemian Rhapsody is stuck in my head... I think it looks cool and it was probably the easiest nail art that I've ever done ever. Literally just some crazy lines and then a little sponging around them. This is using Serum No 5 Stormy Weather over Essence Black is Back and then the lightning was done using a white striper.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Butter London - All Hail The Queen

    So I did this last week and forgot to upload it. This is All Hail The Queen from Butter London. This is, what I would describe as, a nude taupe color with a subtle shimmer that has an almost holographic effect. It's really beautiful and I feel like this could compliment lots of different skin tones. 

   I added a little bronze colors metal star stud because, y'know, that's what I do haha. I got this in a package of mixed up different studs on ebay. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Zombie Friend

    Ohhh man was I excited to post this. This is another nail design that started out as something completely different, but ended with a result that I totally love. This started out as an alien mani until I just hated it and then went in the direction of zombies.

    I know that in the last few years there has been a huge fascination with all things zombies. I'm personally not really into it, nor do I get the obsessions people have with zombie apocalypses, but I am sooooo loving this design. This is partly inspired by the Iron Fist zombie design that they have on some of their clothes but I wanted mine to be a little more gore-y so I added blood and wounds and things. 

    I did this by first dabbing a bunch of different greens over one solid green color and then I free handed the rest of the design and just made some quick slashes of red over everything.

 Here is my long list of colors that I used
OPI- Did It On Em
Kleancolor - Bikini Green
Kleancolor- TLC
Funky Fingers- Tortuga
Kleancolor - Cappuccino
OPI- Red Hot Gift
Generic black and white stripers from ebay

Monday, October 1, 2012


      It's October! Halloween nails month is officially here, and I'm starting out with some glowing, green nails. I'm sure if any of you guys browse the nail art tags on tumblr or instagram you've seen Dayglow before. It's a pastel yellow that glows in lowlight from Serum No 5

     Here is have one coat of Dayglow over two coats of Kleancolor TLC and on the accent finger I have one coat of Mal-eficent's Magic from Charm Your Nails.

P.S. I'm really sorry that my camera takes horrible lowlight pictures!!!

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