Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flesh and Blood

    Yay! More Halloween themed nails! So, I know just about everyone has done the blood nails, but I really love doing drip style nails so here are mine! This is also my first time trying matte/shiny nails. The blood is shiny and the "flesh" is matte.

   I tried to do the splatter nails with the straw... that did not work out. Haha That ended in one big bloody mess. 

    For this I used The Skinner from Black Cat Lacquer for the "Flesh" and Pillar Box Red from Butter London for my "Blood"  The cartoony shininess accents  were done with white acrylic paint. The matte top coat that I used was the Butter London matte.

   To do this, I used two coats of The Skinner and then one coat of matte top coat. Then I went back and drew on my blood drips and finished those with top coat only on the drips. 


  1. Love it! It really looks scary and bloody. This is perfect for this coming Halloween, which is a few days ahead. I so love the effect so I will try this one out. Hope that it looks good like this one =)


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