Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daft Nails!

   Do you guys like Daft Punk? I do, and If you're like me and you've been waiting for this album for 7 years you're probably excited too.  I did these nails because their new album, Random Access Memories, came out today. I've been listening to the leak for about a week and I think it's pretty awesome!

   For these nails I started with two coats of a regular black, I used Essence Black is Back, on each finger.  For the logo on my thumb, I used white acrylic paint. The glitters on my index and middle fingers are Thomas and Guy-Manuel from Daring Digits Daft Punk set that I don't think is available anymore. Thomas (on my index finger) is a silver shimmer with silver hexagons, large red squares, and small black and red squares. Guy-Manuel is a gold base with multicolored square glitters and gold hexagons.

  The glitter on my ring and index fingers is just some loose black glitter that I poured over a coat of wet black polish. I used that because I think it looks like those really cool YSL sequin suits that they're wearing now.

 I used two coats of top coat on these just to be sure that everything was nice and smooth.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

  The Walmart near my house finally carries these Hard Candy nail colors so I picked up Black Tie Optional  the last time I was there. This color is freaking awesome. I love it soooo much. This polish has all different sizes of hexagon glitters in black and white and black bar glitters.

  I did one coat of this over Ciaté Big Yellow Taxi. I did use two coats of top coat over this because I didn't want the bar glitters to poke out and snag on things like they normally do. I feel like this glitter could work over almost anything. You could put this over poop and it would look nice.

  This was a bit difficult to remove, but it's glitter so I kind of expected that.

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