Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gold Leaf Half Moon

  Hey guys! Here is a mani that I am so excited to share, my Gold Leaf Half Moon nails. This started out with my trying to do something completely different and then this being the end result. That seems to happen to me a lot, but that's ok in this case, because I LOVE this! I feel like this would be perfect for a fancy holiday party or something.

   The red color I'm using here is Dangerous Affair from Ciate. It's a very deep, dark, red wine color. The bottom picture shows the color more true to real life. I really love the formula on this, and most of the other Ciate colors that I've tried, it goes on really nice and the color is always perfectly even in two coats. It dries really fast too.

  The gold leaf is just regular faux gold leaf. I'm sure you could find it at a regular craft store. I put it on by putting a thin layer of clear polish over the red and picking up some shredded gold leaf with an orange wood stick and then placing it where I wanted it. If I messed up a little, I just took the red and covered what I didn't want to show. I finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite.


  1. Ooooo, so fancy! I like my halfmoons when I have pointy stiletto nails, so I don't really do it often, but yours looks so nice <3

    1. Thank you! Right after i did this I was like "Darn I wish I would've done this with rounded nails!" haha :)


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