Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Zombie Friend

    Ohhh man was I excited to post this. This is another nail design that started out as something completely different, but ended with a result that I totally love. This started out as an alien mani until I just hated it and then went in the direction of zombies.

    I know that in the last few years there has been a huge fascination with all things zombies. I'm personally not really into it, nor do I get the obsessions people have with zombie apocalypses, but I am sooooo loving this design. This is partly inspired by the Iron Fist zombie design that they have on some of their clothes but I wanted mine to be a little more gore-y so I added blood and wounds and things. 

    I did this by first dabbing a bunch of different greens over one solid green color and then I free handed the rest of the design and just made some quick slashes of red over everything.

 Here is my long list of colors that I used
OPI- Did It On Em
Kleancolor - Bikini Green
Kleancolor- TLC
Funky Fingers- Tortuga
Kleancolor - Cappuccino
OPI- Red Hot Gift
Generic black and white stripers from ebay


  1. My GOD! THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME! You always come up with the PERFECT designs <3333

  2. I love this so much it's ridiculous >< these are amazing!

  3. It looks cool but I have to passed on this one. I prefer nail arts that are simple yet elegant that I can wear everyday at the office. I want them to be long lasting too since I am a busy type person too. However, they are perfect for this coming Halloween.

  4. This is soooo cool!!! I love Halloween nail art!!! <3


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