Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Knot-ty Nauticals

      Well I guess I forgot to make a post about these nails. I'm not even sure how that slipped my mind. It was probably because I took a short trip to New Jersey with a couple of family members about a week ago. 

      If you know me, you know I love anchors and all things nautical themed. I love love love nautical themed nails and I've done some before, but these have to be my favorite I've ever done.

      Anyway, For this I used OPI - Red Hot Gift For the red, and Essence - Walk On Air for the blue, and of course Essie - Blanc as the white. I used an angled nail brush to do the stripes and designs. I got a chance to use my new nail beads/balls! I'm not really sure what they're called but I'd rather say beads than balls. I got these on ebay for super cheap and the little nail wheel that they came in has both gold and silver tiny, metal beads. They are a nice addition to my nail art accessory collection and I'd recommend buying them. They make it really easy to make add a cute accent to a simple or extravagant nail, and they are pretty cheap on ebay.

I also wanted to add that I made a Pinterest account where I will also be posting all of my nail art along with Tumblr, Beautylish and Instagram.

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