Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Play Day

     Hey guys! Long time no post. Sorry about that! Here's MAC Play Day, it came out a few months go with the Vera collection. I really love this color, but like many of the polishes MAC has, the formula is just not right. It's kinda thick but takes a lot of coats to get the color to look solid on your nails. I'm not a fan of nail lines showing through my polish so for this I used four coats.
     My accent finger is gold metal beads that I got on ebay. If you couldn't tell already, I really love using these. I tried to put them in a polka dot kind of arrangement, but next time I'll use less and try to spread them out more. I put them too close together and it was really hard get the top coat on.


  1. What technique did you put the beads on with? I love the colour!

    1. I just used a toothpick and dipped the end in a little bit of clear polish to pick up and place them.


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