Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pastel Rainbow

  Hey guys! I have been seeing so many people I follow on instagram posting pictures of the spring collection that Sinful Colors recently released, and I just had to go and get all of them. Pastels are perfect for spring and I'm sure I'll be using these a lot, plus I only paid $1 for each of these because there was a coupon in the Walgreens ad last week (I think this coupon expired, sorry guys.) There are eight colors in this collection and here I'm using five, one for each finger!

  Starting with the thumb, Cotton Candy, Orange Cream, Unicorn, Sugar Rush, and Candy Coated. I did three coats of each of these for them to be fully opaque. Cotton Candy, Orange Cream, and Candy Coated have a slight shimmer to them that is barely noticeable and it hardly showed up in the pictures.  

   I know many people probably wouldn't wear rainbow fingers because it seems slightly childish, but I think it's a great way to do something fun to your nails without an artistic aspect that people often have trouble with. All you really have to know how to do is apply polish! Go crazy with colors!


  1. I love rainbow nails, but they look very odd with my outfits that are more subdued in colour haha. Love these pastels, and you got them for a steal!

  2. Ooo, so pretty! Love the colors you chose here because the lime yellow really blends right into the blue without the need of a green! Gorgeous <3


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