Friday, January 11, 2013


   Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while again, my computer decided it wanted to stop working again.  Everything is good now, and I'm back for real this time haha!

 I'm sure you guys may have seen some "watercolor" nails before. I saw a bunch of them last year and never got around to trying it, but I finally did and I really love how them came out!

  So, you probably know that this wasn't really made using watercolor, but with nail polish that has been sort of diluted with acetone. Using a nail brush dipped in acetone makes the colors almost like watercolor paints!

I used this tutorial, and started with a white base and picked a few colors that I thought would look nice together. I was going for something that looked like stormy clouds at first, so I started with some gray, blue, and purple, colors. I started with the color that I wanted to show up the least, the gray. After waiting a few minutes for the white to dry, I put about two or three drops of gray onto the white and then, with a brush dipped (not dripping, wipe it off a bit) in acetone, I dabbed with brush onto the dots of color and dabbed it around the nail.

  I did this to each nail with each color until I liked the results. At the last minute I added some neon yellow and green (and I'm super happy I did), because it looked really boring and bland with just purple, blue and gray. Then, I finished with one coat of Seche Vite!

I am so in love with how this turned out! You will probably be seeing more watercolors from me in the future. ;)

Here are the colors I used for these nails
  • Essie - Blanc
  • Zoya - Dove
  • Ciaté  - Headliner
  • Essence - A Lovely Secret
  • Color Club - (this one has no label)
  • Funky Fingers - Tortuga
  • Sinful Colors - Neon Melon


  1. Omggg, this is so pretty! Love the color combo you used!

  2. I love watercolour nails! Yours came out super pretty, I really like the colour combo you choose. The addition of the brighter shades was definitely a good choice :)

    1. Thank you so much! I liked it a lot more after I'd added the neons too!

  3. These look great, love the colour combination, the neon green looks great! X


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