Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Attempt With Flocking Powder

  A couple of weeks ago I ordered a set of flocking powders on ebay. I got them in the mail last week and immediately had to try them out. The first one I tried was this gray one because it matched China Glaze Recycle almost perfectly.

 Now, Here are my thoughts on this: I really thought I would like the flocking powder. I don't mind the feeling of things on my nails, and I know some people are bothered by things like that but I don't mind, so I thought I'd like this a lot.

After using this I have a very meh feeling about it. I think it could be because I used a nail color that dried slightly fast, but a ton of the little fibers fell off within an hour! I found that odd because I would paint a coat of nail polish and I immediately would pour some of the powder on and then press it into the polish.

  Next time I'll use a nail color that doesn't dry so fast. I really want to like this and it felt really awesome, but I need to do some experimenting.

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