Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zoya Frida Disappointment

    Frida is one of the colors that I got when Zoya was having their back to school BOGO sale. I was really excited to get this because I've never had a real jelly before that wasn't some glitter with a jelly base. This was a real jelly, no glitter, just color.

   So, I finally got around to using this and it took about 4 coats. Yes, 4, but I did them very thin so I wouldn't get bubbles. I did added a jelly sandwich accent nail with a new indie that I got from etsy called Mal-eficent's Magic from Charm Your Nails. Unfortunately doing the thin coats didn't work. The next day this mani was a bubbly mess. I was so disappointed. And look at the tips! what's up with that?

    I think next time I'll start with a regular blue and then use Frida as some sort of top coat. I'm still really disappointed. :(

Here is  Mal-eficent's Magic from Charm Your Nails


  1. Ew, I hate nail polishes that take heaps of coats to go on. My first and only Orly one was like that and it put me off the brand! Love "Mal-eficent's Magic" though!

    1. Yeah, this polish really turned me off. I'm also pretty upset because I even emailed Zoya to tell them that I think I might've gotten a bad bottle or something and they haven't responded. I probably wont buy from them again...


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