Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Disco

      Oh My Gosh. It feels like I haven't updated in months, when in reality it's only been about a week! Anyway, Here is my birthday mani! My birthday is actually tomorrow, the 8th, but I thought I'd go ahead and post this today. Candles and glitter, such a good combination.

    This has a total of 18 candles because tomorrow I'll be 18!

    Get ready for a long list of colors

The glitter is Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy

The black and white I used are generic ebay stripers

The blue and purple are from a Color Club set that I got at Ross, the set was called All About Color but I think it was labeled wrong and unfortunately the colors don't have names

The yellow is Zoya Pippa

The pink is Kleancolor Barbie Pink

The green is Kleancolor Bikini Green

Annnnnd I think that covers all of the colors I used. Whew...


  1. So glittery and festive, love it! Happy birthday, hope you have an awesome day :D

  2. Awesome! :D Wish you an amazing birthday tomorrow :3

  3. love your nail art~ so cute!

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