Thursday, April 18, 2013

I went crazy with these Born Pretty Store Studs!

    Hey guys! Do you like studs? I know I do and today I have a review of this awesome nail wheel filled with studs from Born Pretty Store. This wheel has 12 different styles of studs in gold, silver, and black. As you can see here, I went a little stud crazy...

   This set has a ton of different shapes including hearts, stars, small dots, medium dots, circles, squares, teardrops, and ovals. Some of these are in both silver and gold and there are even some black dots.
    The only two in this set I had trouble with were the hearts and the stars. They're usable, but they're too big for any nails but my thumbs. Other than that, these are easy to use and they're aluminum plated so thy could be reused if you want them to be.

   I didn't count these, but there are enough studs here to do a lot of different things. The website says that this has approximately 300 all together.

  For my nails I stuck with only the gold studs and placed them over Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I wasn't really following any pattern, I just placed them where I thought they looked good.
   I used an orange wood stick dipped in a tiny amount of clear polish to pick these up and place them. I finished this off with a thin amount of top coat over the studs to avoid any bubbles.

If you use  the coupon code SGL91 you can get 10% off of your order and they always have free shipping!

*This was sent for review

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