Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zoya Pippa

  Hey guys! Here is a nail polish that has been in my untried for a while now, Zoya Pippa. I got this one when Zoya had one of those deals going on on their website, I think it was the BOGO one.

  This is the perfect taxi cab yellow, and although this color is really beautiful it was extremely hard to work with. This was really thick and goopy and somehow managed to be really patchy. I even tried thinning this out and that didn't even help! To add to that, I used 4 coats of this and, after applying top coat, this wouldn't even out on some of my fingers.

  Here's the best part, this started chipping THE VERY NEXT DAY! Yeah, I was disappointed with this. I seem to have really bad luck with Zoya. I have a couple colors from them that I love (Avery, Aurora) and a couple that I really hate (this one, Frida) It's like they can't get a good formula on some of their colors. *sigh*


  1. ooo, this is such a nice shade of yellow! not so sunny but also not too limey! <3

  2. beautiful yellow, your blog is awesomex

  3. I love this color yellow but it's a major bummer about the formula.


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