Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Plaid

Ahh the holidays. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so here is my first official holiday manicure of the season. 

  This is a glittery red with a black and glitter plaid accent using Essie Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy.

The red is Essie Leading Lady. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with this nail polish. It's a beautiful color, but the formula on this is all wrong. It's thick and goopy and really hard to apply. I only did two coats of this and my nails feel like they have 4 coats of polish on them.

   I did the accent nail with a black striper and Essie Beyond Cozy.


  1. Oooh Leading Lady looks so pretty! Maybe a couple drops of thinner could help with the formula issue?

  2. OMG!!! Love the color. Sad to hear that you did not like this much. But I still wanna try it out. I think they are perfect for this coming holiday season.

    1. I actually loved this color! I got so many compliments on this and it shines even more beautifully in the light. It was the thick, goopy consistency that turned me off, but I thinned it out and it's fine now.

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  4. I love how elegant and festive it is! Lovely job.


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