Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Trends: Metallic

     I'm sure that if you're like me and read magazines and pay attention to trends you would have sen how huge the metallic trend is this year. This design was inspired by a pair of shoes that I saw in a magazine that had a gold metallic toe.

     I didn't want to do a metallic tip on my nails, so I did a fat gold stripe down the middle. This is really just the most simple nail art there is. The green is an Essie color that I got from Ross it doesn't have a name (Just did a quick search and found out that this color is called Sew Psyched), unfortunately, and the gold is ULTA brand called High Roller. I did this design by doing two coats of the green and letting it dry for a few minutes and taking the gold and just doing a stripe down the middle of all of my nails.


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