Friday, July 13, 2012


       So, I keep seeing those iPhone cases that look like melting ice cream. I saw them again on tumblr the other day and I was like "Omg those colors would look awesome on nails!" The blue and pink one, obviously. I've seen the "drip" style nails before, and I've done them once before, but I never thought to combine these colors.
      I am so glad I did because I am in love with this. I really can't stop admiring it. It just feels like summer!

      The colors I used for this are
Essence You Belong To Me
Black Poppy (the color has no name, unfortunately)

      I used a fine tip, slanted brush to draw the drips and the little white lines to make them look more three dimensional.


  1. These nails look amazing! I really love how you added the white highlights too, the drops look so 3-dimensional! I'll have to try this out for sure. x

  2. omg! when i saw the pics of your nails, it was exactly what it reminded me of those melting iphone4 cases! love the colors! you did a great job.


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